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Barbara Peleg

If you are a "curly girl" and in New York City you must try the fabulous Devachan Salon in Soho. I hope that is not where you got a bad cut. They specialize in curly hair and do a cut called the Deva Cut. Try it!


I had this happen when I lived in Kansas City for a year, except that I came out of the chair looking like a helmet headed female Elvis impersonator. From that moment on, I would fly home to RI to get my haircuts. My hairdresser has done it right, every 6 to 8 weeks, for the last (eek) 20 years. (I moved back to RI, by the way, LOL.)

Karen Hu

This is why I now cut my own hair! I have curly/wavy hair and I have had so many hairdressers grip and complain about it, then mutilate it, that I finally decided to take matters, ie, hair--into my own hands. And it works! It makes life so much easier, I can get a trim at 3 a.m., if I wish, and I can spend the money on fun stuff instead of listening to someone tell a whole room full of people how strange my hair is!

Karen Dolyniuk

I come to New York once a year from Canada to get my curly hair cut at Devachan. You live in the best city for a curly haircut!


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