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As a classsical singer I long ago learned and use an aria called "Art is Calling Me". This is a ferociously hard aria that is totally hillarious! One of my favorite lines in it is: "I have the embopoint to become a queen of song!" Thanks for the Monday morning smile!!!


OOOOOpps, I guess my comment goes with the next entry. Sorry! Kudos to your Mom and you!

Open Grove Claudia

I love your mom. She's so brave - just like her daughter!!


I remember the days (Weeks, months, years?) spent trying to get my father familiar with the computer! But once he finally got the hang of sending and receiving emails, surfing the 'net, and discovering that all his old favorites from radio, tv and the jazz world had Internet presence, there was no holding him back.

I know because I *tried* to hold him back, especially when he was trying to send a 15 gig video file to 20 of his best friends, including me, and the poor guy (and me) were on dial-up! He had to call me from a pay phone because he couldn't get his phone to hang up. He soon realized it was easier on his phone bill to just send the address. And all this with us living 1200 miles apart, too.

And I hope your mom did reprimand you for revealing her age! LOL We're currently caring for hubby's aunt, who is just a year or so younger than your mom. One day hubby mentioned her age to her to reassure her that some memory loss is common in people of that age, that she's normal and not going senile, as she feared. She immediately got angry and demanded to know how he learned of her age, as she takes great care not to let anyone know it. When he reminded her that her date of birth is on her driver's license and she used it as ID a number of times recently, handing it back to us for safe-keeping, she asked if she can just scratch that info out of the plastic card so nobody else finds out. It must be something with ladies of that era. :)

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